Gucci Menswear Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Alessandro Michele leads the Gucci team to boys-will-be-girls theme in Gucci menswear fall/winter 2015-2016. The team replaced every detail from Frida’s design just in five days after her earlier depature. Kering wanted to start a white page for Gucci in every possible way.

Red chiffon blouse with bow, and button details on back.

They replaced the cast with all random new cast that have never walked for Gucci before.

A ruffled sheer white blouse and visible nipple and tatoo for guy.

This coat looks great, my favourite piece. Frida used to make this polish look for Gucci men. I wish they cast Arthur Goose for this look.

This guy looks great until you see the lace shirt under cardigan. But still, he looks great and suits for Gucci even under Frida’s helm.

A horsebit loafers turned to mink-line scuff. It looks so comfortable, warm, a bit absurd, but the new signature for Gucci.

There were 4 women in the line up.

But there were no Natasha Poly, Karmen Pedaru, Anja Rubic, or Abbey Lee Kershaw who used to be the ultimate Gucci girls.


Gucci Fall 2015 vs Prada fall 2014. Prada did it better, manlier, and sexier.

(((((red lace top)))))

What kind of astrakhan sandal is this?

A very-Prada coat.

Prada menswear fall 2008 and inspired.

I love this look, but it might be an adjustment from rejected Frida’s womenswear fall 2014 collection.

This cute guy could be a polished Gucci men in Frida’s reign. He looks great.

The best thing from the collection is Gucci sterling silver tiger clasp shoulder bag c 1970, a suede messenger bag with adjustable strap.

Doing androginy is not easy, but Heidi Slimane did it well and SLP sale grows twice.

The astrakhan coat looks nice.

A quirky but cute style.

The final look

I miss the sexy Frida’s Gucci men, but lets take a deep breath for the fresh air that Alessandro Michele offers. Welcome to the new era of Gucci.

2 thoughts on “Gucci Menswear Fall/Winter 2015-2016”

  1. Many male designers drop the ball when it comes to footwear but its great to see Gucci keeping the bar high. The details on those shoes are great, especially the fur lining. It is on par with female fashion and definitely lives up to my expectation for the fashion house.
    Its great to see them taking some risks and creating some androgynous designs – especially since female fashion is doing the same.
    Gucci seems to go from strength to strength every season and I respect them entirely for it.

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