Long Hot Summer

Banda Neira

Cover story: Wave to The Untouched Paradise
Photographer: E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Bunda Hunny Kloss, Ieda Kroess, Frisberbie Small, Agnova Ewers, Echa Delevingne
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: Natural
Location: Banda Neira
Dress: Models private collection


Social Climber: Hotpants is far too chic to visit chicken coop.

Banda Neira

Somewhere along the jungle in Chanel pantone-halterneck scarf top.

Banda Neira

Back for good in asymmetrical Marni bikini.

Banda Neira

Natural allure in Prada bikini and Bali beach sarong.

Banda Neira


Pulau Hatta Banda Neira

or sunbathing?

Banda Neira

Casual chic. This beauty deserves to be known by the world.

Banda Neira

Off shoulder scarf top
Banda Neira
Luxe life: Lets have some fun in Hermes
Banda Neira

Shadow play.
Banda Neira

Taking health and beauty inspiration from mother nature.

Banda Neira


Less is More


Cover story: Less is More
Photographer: E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Bunda Hunny Kloss, Ieda Kroess, Frisberbie Small, Agnova Ewers, Echa Delevingne
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: Natural
Location: Banda Neira
Dress: Models private collection

Banda Neira

Flowery shirt in stripes runway.


Bold lips and headband with edge attitude.
Pulau Hatta Banda Neira

In between street style and island culture.

Pulau Hatta Banda Neira

A serious meet-up under the sun with a cheerful nod to 90s New York.
Pulau Hatta Banda Neira
Happy lyfe in beautiful island.
Think of sequined black shirt instead two-pieces bikini.

To Get Through to the Osi Island

Pulau Osi, Seram

Cover Story: To Get Through to the Osi Island
Photographer: E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Bunda Hunny Kloss, Ieda Kroess
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: Natural
Location: Osi Island and Piru, Seram Bagian Barat, Muluku
Dress: E.A. Paminto, private collection


Ulos and Boru Batak take on edgy-feminism with the touch of flower prints, denim, and wide brim hats.

Pulau Osi, Seram

Kiss the sunset.


Tranquil hues.
Pulau Osi, Seram

Dance like there is no tomorrow.

Pulau Osi, Seram

So much chic.

Pulau Osi, Seram

The shadow of ethereal beauty.

Pulau Osi, Seram


Pulau Osi, Seram


Pulau Osi, Seram

Daydream almost over.
Pulau Osi, Seram

Freedom in Keraton Cliff


Cover Story: Freedom in Keraton Cliff
Photographer: Lulel, E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Paminto, Nananana, Lulel, Ridha
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: Natural
Location: Taman Hutan Rakyat (Tahura) Juanda & Tebing Keraton, Bandung
Dress: E.A. Paminto, private collection


Tebing (in English: cliff) Keraton is the new hype and a must-visit place in Bandung city, the capital of West Java. To get this place, go to Tahura in Bukit Dago Pakar from Terminal Dago.


Go ahead from Tahura then turn right in the first  T-junction after Tahura and go all the way up until you reach Warung Bandrek. Then take the left road until you reach the village and take the left road again until it ends and you’ll reach the gate of Keraton Cliff.


We took an ojek (motorcycle taxi) ride to Keraton Cliff from Tahura as we parked our car there. The ojek ride costs Rp75.000 per person for a round-trip. Normally, we should pay Rp100.000 (some people said it only costs Rp50.000 last year, but now it increases twice) but we negotiated the price for about 10 minutes,  left the drivers to have a breakfast, then got the deal with the drivers. I was so happy for the Rp75.000 deal. I couldnt imagine that we (i mean the girls, because i just can’t drive the car) had to drive on the bumpy, narrow, and steep road. Ojek ride from Warung Bandrek to Keraton Cliff costs about Rp40.000 for a round-trip.


A misty morning.


She’s free… I mean she is still available… #dikeplak


Always pack light when traveling. Bring colourful pashmina, scarf, and hijab, in order to accentuate your fabulous trip and increase your mobility.


Lulel with cheerful style.


Nananana with boyish style.


Ridha with high class style.


Myself with dramatic style.


For sure i wore my pashmina better like no one wears Victoria Beckham collection better than her.


Keraton Cliff… Superb view with less effort… 😀


Fashion for Summer Trip

Belitung- (79)

Cover Story: Fashion for Summer Trip
Photographer: Denpe Leibovitz, E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Paminto, Nananana, Vitong, e-Pin, GGS, Jokosan, Denpe
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: NaturalLocation: Belitung Island, Indonesia
Dress: Laela Hijab, private collection

Here we come in Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Belitung Island. Its known as Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) beach, a location for Laskar Pelangi movie.

Belitung- (55)

The Dutch colonial built the lighthouse in Lengkuas Island in 1882.

Belitung- (61)

Rainbow-coloured outwear. Dramatic view of Lengkuas Island taken from the top of the iconic old lighthouse.

Belitung- (60)

Another view of turqouis blue water from the top of the lighthouse.

Belitung- (3)

Homage to Natasha Poly’s Vogue Paris March 2007.

Belitung- (99)

A fascinating granite boulduers.

Belitung- (59)

Whats your essential dress for summer?

Belitung- (94)

Catching the sunset in Gosong Island.

Belitung- (66)

Kung fu action in Kampit Pagoda.

Belitung- (92)

Doing wefie in Open Pit, a big ex tin mine site in Kampit.

Belitung- (96)

Payak Lake.

Belitung- (91)

Kwan Im Pagoda.

Belitung- (95)

Pantone-watch top and fresh breeze Burung Mandi Beach in East Belitung.

Belitung- (74)

You can reach this serene beach by private car in 1,5 hour from Tanjung Pandan, the biggest city in Belitung.

Belitung- (75)

Bikini, sunkissed skin…

Belitung- (90)

and shadow of hat.

Belitung- (88)

Enjoying the moment of freedom.

Belitung- (89)

Being cool at Fega Restaurant, Manggar. A right place for your lunch.

Belitung- (82)

Samak A1 Hill.

Belitung- (86)

Museum Kata Andrea Hirata (Andrea Hirata Words Museum).

Belitung- (17)

Rainbow Troops elementary school. The infamous location from the movie.

Belitung- (1)

Satam Monument in the center of Tanjung Pandan City.

Belitung- (101)

Tasting the local culinary.

Belitung- (100)

Being local in Gang 60 Coffeshop in Sriwijaya Street.

Belitung- (97)

Come join with us in Tanjung Tinggi Beach.

Belitung- (77)

A match dress, veil, eyewear and watch.

Belitung- (40)

Panther-pattern draped top against clear water.

Belitung- (34)

Like there is no tomorrow.

Belitung- (22)

Waiting for…

Belitung- (93)

Simple look for boy.

Belitung- (50)

Climbing the boulders.

Belitung- (49)

Belitung, a one-hour-flight heaven from Jakarta.

Belitung- (26)

US Vogue April 2015

April is the month for shape issue and we got Serena Williams fronting the lens of Annie Leibovitz on the cover of US Vogue. No one anticipated her as the cover girl after all the rumours about Gisele, Reese, Naomi or Amal Clooney.


I really like the cover. With no makeup look, not overly photoshoped and not lightening her skin, simple dress, and gorgeous natural hair, it’s a strong, powerful, and refreshing cover. As an iconic tennis player, yes, she deserves the cover.

Here is the editorial with her BFF, Caroline Wozniacki.

02  01

Queen Of the Court
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Stylist: Sara Moonves
Stars: Serena Williams & Caroline Wozniacki
Make-Up: Francelle
Hair: Holli Smith

Gucci Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Alessandro Michele’s first collection in his new role  for Gucci womenswear ready to wear  was the most anticipated show of Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2015-16. See-through blouses paired with below-the-knee red pleated leather skirt came as first.

It reminds me of Anna Selezneva’s dress from fall/winter 2011-2012

Antonia Wilson’s suit looks great, but…

is it Nadja Bender’s suit from fall/winter 2014/2015 modified with Daria Strokous’s dress from fall/winter 2011-2012?


The shoes were cute,

and wow..

Im in love with right-amount-mink-line scuff like he has done for the menswear, not the exaggerated  ones.

Flower embellishment is the Gucci heritage, but this one was erghhh.

Chiffon blouse with bow seemed like Melissa Tammerijn’s hat and blouse color combination from fall/winter 2011-2012

Melissa was just chic that time.

Flower pattern dresses reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2014,


The Dolce & Gabbana executed those dresses better.


Pleat and ruffle in so busy flower pattern.


Again, reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana.


This flower embellished dresses were not that good,

compare to these embellishment from fall/winter 2011-2012.

I love this red flat shoes with fur trim and sling back.

Alexandra’s ruffled dress should be done like spring/summer 2013.

Ruffled and well executed.

This guy with ill-fitting pant for fall/winter 2015-2016 vs Melissa for fall/winter 2011-2012.

Hedvig Palm for fall/winter 2015-2016 vs Jac for fall/winter 2011-2012.

I love this this Gucci sterling silver tiger clasp shoulder bag.

This clog with fur trim was also cute.

Coat and suit with fur trim were great and clean.

I got the Prada’s vibe from the suit.

I also love Emmy Rappe’s black navy inspired suit with fur trim.

I love this dress with the plunging neckline with the bedazzled bird intertwined.

I love memories…

then it reminds me of flower accessories for spring/summer 2013.


Maja Salamon’s sheer dress.

Librarian girls.

A sheer top with bow.

compare to these polished Gucci girls from fall/winter 2011-2012.

Cute in fall 2015 vs chic in spring 2013.

Vintage dress and quirky styling.

I love this birds-in-the-garden knitwear.

Also reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana.


A bad tailored flower pattern suits.


Frida’s look for menswear spring/summer 2014.

This white bag-belted astrakhan coat is one of my favorite from the collection.

Emilie Evander wore the first look from the menswear to close the womenswear collection?

And the color reminds me of Julia Saner’s dress from fall/winter 2011-2012.

It is quirky romantic and modern as the new beginning for Gucci.

Gucci Menswear Fall/Winter 2015-2016

Alessandro Michele leads the Gucci team to boys-will-be-girls theme in Gucci menswear fall/winter 2015-2016. The team replaced every detail from Frida’s design just in five days after her earlier depature. Kering wanted to start a white page for Gucci in every possible way.

Red chiffon blouse with bow, and button details on back.

They replaced the cast with all random new cast that have never walked for Gucci before.

A ruffled sheer white blouse and visible nipple and tatoo for guy.

This coat looks great, my favourite piece. Frida used to make this polish look for Gucci men. I wish they cast Arthur Goose for this look.

This guy looks great until you see the lace shirt under cardigan. But still, he looks great and suits for Gucci even under Frida’s helm.

A horsebit loafers turned to mink-line scuff. It looks so comfortable, warm, a bit absurd, but the new signature for Gucci.

There were 4 women in the line up.

But there were no Natasha Poly, Karmen Pedaru, Anja Rubic, or Abbey Lee Kershaw who used to be the ultimate Gucci girls.


Gucci Fall 2015 vs Prada fall 2014. Prada did it better, manlier, and sexier.

(((((red lace top)))))

What kind of astrakhan sandal is this?

A very-Prada coat.

Prada menswear fall 2008 and inspired.

I love this look, but it might be an adjustment from rejected Frida’s womenswear fall 2014 collection.

This cute guy could be a polished Gucci men in Frida’s reign. He looks great.

The best thing from the collection is Gucci sterling silver tiger clasp shoulder bag c 1970, a suede messenger bag with adjustable strap.

Doing androginy is not easy, but Heidi Slimane did it well and SLP sale grows twice.

The astrakhan coat looks nice.

A quirky but cute style.

The final look

I miss the sexy Frida’s Gucci men, but lets take a deep breath for the fresh air that Alessandro Michele offers. Welcome to the new era of Gucci.

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2015-2016

This could be Marc Jacobs best collection in years, and one of the best shows i have ever seen. Just forget about his  army look parade for last summer. The legend Erin O’Connor opened the show was a sign that this would be great.

Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds wore a jacket with leopard collar and a matching leopard bag.

Ondria Hardin wore a gorgeous full of embellishment dress.

The fabrics were so luxurious.

The coats remind me of Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2012-2013.

With all the dullness of the palette, Marc wanted everything to sparkle and glisten and gleam to the collection so there were hematite stones and lots of sequins
Midi and ankle-length pleated skirts and bags were everywhere and a perfect match.

Marc showed a plenty of beautiful fur for the collection but I dont like real fur for fashion.

Grace Coddington shared this cute illustration on instagram with caption “Love this cape Marc but my paws won’t fit through the arm holes….@marcjacobsintl #marcjacobs #fall2015 #catsofinstagram”.

Grace Marc

Its about a cape  that worn by Bhumika Arora. I also loved this look #22 since the first time saw the collection.

Julia Nobis wore look #47

Lexi Boling wore look #55.

The last part from the collection offered some sexy and glamorous gowns.

Sheer and sequin gowns

Model’s hair was ponytail turned into knots on the crown by hair stylist Guido Palau, with beautiful gray eyeshadow and sexy dark plum lips by Tom Pecheux. Francois Nars provided that special make up for the collection. Here’s Daiane Conterato look, one of my fave Brazilian models, in the backstage.

A sparkle nail polish to give a touch of glamour. Marc created two new polishes for the show, a red “Poison Apple” and a white “White Snow”

Stefan Beckman designed a handpainted backdrop inspired by Jeremiah Goodman’s painting of Diana Vreeland’s famous “garden in hell” living room. The soundtrack was Requiem for a Dream by Darren Aronofsky.

Yes, it was Marc Jacobs best collection ever, and i loooove it.