Freedom in Keraton Cliff


Cover Story: Freedom in Keraton Cliff
Photographer: Lulel, E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Paminto, Nananana, Lulel, Ridha
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: Natural
Location: Taman Hutan Rakyat (Tahura) Juanda & Tebing Keraton, Bandung
Dress: E.A. Paminto, private collection


Tebing (in English: cliff) Keraton is the new hype and a must-visit place in Bandung city, the capital of West Java. To get this place, go to Tahura in Bukit Dago Pakar from Terminal Dago.


Go ahead from Tahura then turn right in the first  T-junction after Tahura and go all the way up until you reach Warung Bandrek. Then take the left road until you reach the village and take the left road again until it ends and you’ll reach the gate of Keraton Cliff.


We took an ojek (motorcycle taxi) ride to Keraton Cliff from Tahura as we parked our car there. The ojek ride costs Rp75.000 per person for a round-trip. Normally, we should pay Rp100.000 (some people said it only costs Rp50.000 last year, but now it increases twice) but we negotiated the price for about 10 minutes,  left the drivers to have a breakfast, then got the deal with the drivers. I was so happy for the Rp75.000 deal. I couldnt imagine that we (i mean the girls, because i just can’t drive the car) had to drive on the bumpy, narrow, and steep road. Ojek ride from Warung Bandrek to Keraton Cliff costs about Rp40.000 for a round-trip.


A misty morning.


She’s free… I mean she is still available… #dikeplak


Always pack light when traveling. Bring colourful pashmina, scarf, and hijab, in order to accentuate your fabulous trip and increase your mobility.


Lulel with cheerful style.


Nananana with boyish style.


Ridha with high class style.


Myself with dramatic style.


For sure i wore my pashmina better like no one wears Victoria Beckham collection better than her.


Keraton Cliff… Superb view with less effort… 😀