Fashion for Summer Trip

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Cover Story: Fashion for Summer Trip
Photographer: Denpe Leibovitz, E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Paminto, Nananana, Vitong, e-Pin, GGS, Jokosan, Denpe
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: NaturalLocation: Belitung Island, Indonesia
Dress: Laela Hijab, private collection

Here we come in Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Belitung Island. Its known as Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) beach, a location for Laskar Pelangi movie.

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The Dutch colonial built the lighthouse in Lengkuas Island in 1882.

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Rainbow-coloured outwear. Dramatic view of Lengkuas Island taken from the top of the iconic old lighthouse.

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Another view of turqouis blue water from the top of the lighthouse.

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Homage to Natasha Poly’s Vogue Paris March 2007.

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A fascinating granite boulduers.

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Whats your essential dress for summer?

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Catching the sunset in Gosong Island.

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Kung fu action in Kampit Pagoda.

Belitung- (92)

Doing wefie in Open Pit, a big ex tin mine site in Kampit.

Belitung- (96)

Payak Lake.

Belitung- (91)

Kwan Im Pagoda.

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Pantone-watch top and fresh breeze Burung Mandi Beach in East Belitung.

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You can reach this serene beach by private car in 1,5 hour from Tanjung Pandan, the biggest city in Belitung.

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Bikini, sunkissed skin…

Belitung- (90)

and shadow of hat.

Belitung- (88)

Enjoying the moment of freedom.

Belitung- (89)

Being cool at Fega Restaurant, Manggar. A right place for your lunch.

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Samak A1 Hill.

Belitung- (86)

Museum Kata Andrea Hirata (Andrea Hirata Words Museum).

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Rainbow Troops elementary school. The infamous location from the movie.

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Satam Monument in the center of Tanjung Pandan City.

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Tasting the local culinary.

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Being local in Gang 60 Coffeshop in Sriwijaya Street.

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Come join with us in Tanjung Tinggi Beach.

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A match dress, veil, eyewear and watch.

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Panther-pattern draped top against clear water.

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Like there is no tomorrow.

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Waiting for…

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Simple look for boy.

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Climbing the boulders.

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Belitung, a one-hour-flight heaven from Jakarta.

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