Less is More


Cover story: Less is More
Photographer: E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Bunda Hunny Kloss, Ieda Kroess, Frisberbie Small, Agnova Ewers, Echa Delevingne
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: Natural
Location: Banda Neira
Dress: Models private collection

Banda Neira

Flowery shirt in stripes runway.


Bold lips and headband with edge attitude.
Pulau Hatta Banda Neira

In between street style and island culture.

Pulau Hatta Banda Neira

A serious meet-up under the sun with a cheerful nod to 90s New York.
Pulau Hatta Banda Neira
Happy lyfe in beautiful island.
Think of sequined black shirt instead two-pieces bikini.

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