To Get Through to the Osi Island

Pulau Osi, Seram

Cover Story: To Get Through to the Osi Island
Photographer: E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Bunda Hunny Kloss, Ieda Kroess
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: Natural
Location: Osi Island and Piru, Seram Bagian Barat, Muluku
Dress: E.A. Paminto, private collection


Ulos and Boru Batak take on edgy-feminism with the touch of flower prints, denim, and wide brim hats.

Pulau Osi, Seram

Kiss the sunset.


Tranquil hues.
Pulau Osi, Seram

Dance like there is no tomorrow.

Pulau Osi, Seram

So much chic.

Pulau Osi, Seram

The shadow of ethereal beauty.

Pulau Osi, Seram


Pulau Osi, Seram


Pulau Osi, Seram

Daydream almost over.
Pulau Osi, Seram

Vogue Italia November 2015

Vogue Italia November 2015: Perfect Stranger
Model: Jealeou, Utse Arganaraz
Fotografer: Paminto Meisel
Makeup Artist: Estu McGrath
Hair: Guido Paminto
Set: Estu
Lighting: Obeit
Stylist: Franca Soestu and Obeitha Simons

Ulos (1)

Cover story: Go glam in Ulos.

Jealeou memakai tutup kepala yang terbuat dari Ulos Sadum. Gaun terbuat dari Ulos Sadum dan Ulos Angkola.

Ulos (2)

Jealeou memakai Ulos Bintang Maratur. Menurut Wikipedia, ulos ini merupakan Ulos yang paling banyak kegunaannya di dalam acara-acara adat Batak Toba, seperti untuk anak yang memasuki rumah baru dan secara khusus di daerah Toba Ulos ini diberikan waktu acara selamatan Hamil 7 Bulan yang diberikan oleh pihak hulahula kepada anaknya. Ulos ini juga di berikan kepada Pahompu (cucu) yang baru lahir sebagai Parompa (gendongan) yang memiliki arti dan makna agar anak yang baru lahir itu di iringi kelahiran anak yang selanjutnya, kemudian ulos ini juga diberikan untuk pahompu (cucu) yang baru mendapat babtisan di gereja dan juga bisa dipakai sebagai selendang.

Ulos (3)

Tutup kepala memakai Ulos Sadum, Ulos Angkola dimensi sebagai selendang, dan bawahan memakai Ulos Pucca Purada emas.

Ulos (4)

Kombinasi lain dari Ulos Angkola dimensi dan Ulos Pucca Purada emas.
Ulos (5)

Estu manortor di pertunjukan Sigale-gale di Tomok.

Ulos (6)

Shopping spree at Thursday Market at Margarita, Simanindo near to Stone Chair of King Siallagan, Ambarita where you can find ulos in lower price.
Ulos (7)

While waiting for Batak dance at Batak Museum Simanindo.

Ulos (8)

Batak dancer at at Batak Museum Simanindo.
Ulos (9)

Hijaber in ulos.

Ulos (10)

Can’t get enough of ulos.
Ulos (11)

The Unconventional Future of Us


Cover girl: Vicky Aruan
Cover Story: The Unconventional Future of Us
Photographer: E.A. Paminto & Farida Nainggolan
Fashion Editor/Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Hair Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Makeup Artist: E.A. Paminto
Set Designer: E.A. Paminto
Models: Vicky Aruan, Herlince, Syella, Kristine, Farida Nainggolan, ChanHut, E.A. Paminto
Mount Papandayan, Garut, West Java, May 29-31, 2015

Papandayan (13)

I don’t look back, i look at our future.

Papandayan (67)

Fullfil your pack with beauty product.

Papandayan (23)

Laugh your life, not your neighbour life.
Papandayan (25)

There will always be a rock to climb.

Papandayan (28)

Cool down your head.

Papandayan (71)

You wo’nt be a heartless doll even in a dead forest.
Papandayan (34)

Ahu nungnga loja nian mangadapi ho.

Papandayan (63)

Hold on to deadwood.
Papandayan (35)

Paminto is wearing Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2013 colorful coat.

Papandayan (38)

Lonely soul.
Papandayan (39)

Where you became so numb.
Papandayan (40)

You rule your game.
Papandayan (41)

Jump and smile.

Papandayan (55)

Dang olo mangorop hian tu hamu mabiar annon hansit ni roha.

Papandayan (64)

Throw your pain away.

Papandayan (36)

Your friends surround you.
Papandayan (42)

Don’t let the sun catch you crying.

Papandayan (65)

Fly high, never let your broken heart ruins your life.

Papandayan (44)

Très chic summit.

Papandayan (66)

Painful beauty.

Papandayan (1)

Fashion for Summer Trip

Belitung- (79)

Cover Story: Fashion for Summer Trip
Photographer: Denpe Leibovitz, E.A. Paminto
Stylist: E.A. Paminto
Models: E.A. Paminto, Nananana, Vitong, e-Pin, GGS, Jokosan, Denpe
Make-Up: Natural
Hair: NaturalLocation: Belitung Island, Indonesia
Dress: Laela Hijab, private collection

Here we come in Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Belitung Island. Its known as Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) beach, a location for Laskar Pelangi movie.

Belitung- (55)

The Dutch colonial built the lighthouse in Lengkuas Island in 1882.

Belitung- (61)

Rainbow-coloured outwear. Dramatic view of Lengkuas Island taken from the top of the iconic old lighthouse.

Belitung- (60)

Another view of turqouis blue water from the top of the lighthouse.

Belitung- (3)

Homage to Natasha Poly’s Vogue Paris March 2007.

Belitung- (99)

A fascinating granite boulduers.

Belitung- (59)

Whats your essential dress for summer?

Belitung- (94)

Catching the sunset in Gosong Island.

Belitung- (66)

Kung fu action in Kampit Pagoda.

Belitung- (92)

Doing wefie in Open Pit, a big ex tin mine site in Kampit.

Belitung- (96)

Payak Lake.

Belitung- (91)

Kwan Im Pagoda.

Belitung- (95)

Pantone-watch top and fresh breeze Burung Mandi Beach in East Belitung.

Belitung- (74)

You can reach this serene beach by private car in 1,5 hour from Tanjung Pandan, the biggest city in Belitung.

Belitung- (75)

Bikini, sunkissed skin…

Belitung- (90)

and shadow of hat.

Belitung- (88)

Enjoying the moment of freedom.

Belitung- (89)

Being cool at Fega Restaurant, Manggar. A right place for your lunch.

Belitung- (82)

Samak A1 Hill.

Belitung- (86)

Museum Kata Andrea Hirata (Andrea Hirata Words Museum).

Belitung- (17)

Rainbow Troops elementary school. The infamous location from the movie.

Belitung- (1)

Satam Monument in the center of Tanjung Pandan City.

Belitung- (101)

Tasting the local culinary.

Belitung- (100)

Being local in Gang 60 Coffeshop in Sriwijaya Street.

Belitung- (97)

Come join with us in Tanjung Tinggi Beach.

Belitung- (77)

A match dress, veil, eyewear and watch.

Belitung- (40)

Panther-pattern draped top against clear water.

Belitung- (34)

Like there is no tomorrow.

Belitung- (22)

Waiting for…

Belitung- (93)

Simple look for boy.

Belitung- (50)

Climbing the boulders.

Belitung- (49)

Belitung, a one-hour-flight heaven from Jakarta.

Belitung- (26)

Natural High

During my first year addicted to fashion, all I ever knew was Americas Next Top Model-related things. Then, in the end of 2008, my excitement about fashion was getting bigger and bigger when i found some fashion sites like,, and watched FTV even more. Lets say I was already that good copying every pose from ANTM then i saw those sites and the real fashion show on FTV that delivered the editorial, campaign, fashion show, backstage etc. I said to myself, “That’s the real supermodel, now you have to improve youself to have that kinda style and do that pose”. I remember, I downloaded and saved some Heidi Klum editorial pictures from the site and she’s just wowed me how she’s done that. And i also found this “Natural High” which was fresh from the magazine and totally blowed me away.


Came from Vogue US October 2008, Natural High photographed by Steven Meisel and styled by Marie Amelie Sauve.


Some supermodel, then become my favorite, Coco Rocha, Anna Maria Jagodzinska, Lily Donaldson, Caroline Trentini, fronting the lens of Meisel.


They wore the most wanted pieces from the season. Coats from Mikhael Kors, Revillon, Cavalli, Dennis Basso, de la Renta, J. Mendel, Pucci, Nina Ricci, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Fendi. The shoes, the dresses, sweater, the heels, cuff, clutch, necklace, make up, hair do, ough gosh everything seemed to be so purefect.


My favorite part of this editorial is Coco Rocha. She nailed it. Then Lily’s pose in velvet Vera Wang dress was just gorgeous.


Now I’m gonna show you my editorial inspired by Natural High.


Taken from the Gede Mountain summit that we did back in September.


This faux fur coat, inspired by Prada SS 2014 mink coat, made by fabric that i bought in Cipadu, a traditional market for garments, bed cover, carpets, etc nearby my location.


The fabric only costed less than Rp100.000,00.


It feels so warm and soft. She really likes my coat.


I didn’t wear Loubi, Choo, YSL, or Vuitton heels, but Rei. A must have adventure gear.


That’s Pangrango Mountain behind my Rei.


Look at my muscular leg.


I think i have to stop before you slap my ass and throw your heels to my face. Thanks to my adventure team. My colleague.


And this is my real dress that time.